Oklahoma City, OK – Just hours after announcing his candidacy and first endorsement, former Trump Administration Advisor Alex Gray has received the second endorsement of his U.S. Senate campaign from former Chief of Staff to the Acting Secretary of Defense Kash Patel.

Patel served as the Chief of Staff to Chris Miller during Miller’s time as Acting Secretary of Defense. Prior to serving in the Department of Defense, Patel worked with Alex Gray on the National Security Council and as Principal Deputy to the Acting Director of National Intelligence. Patel was earlier a key investigator for the House Intelligence Committee working to unravel the Russiagate Scandal.

“We need proven America First leaders, not more politicians who say it to get elected, then betray the people who elected them. I’m proud to join Ambassador Ric Grenell and countless Trump administration officials in ENDORSING Alex Gray for U.S. Senate,” Patel said in a statement endorsing Alex Gray.

“During our time serving in the Trump Administration together, Kash and I were able to work on some of the most pressing issues our country faced. Having the support of so many colleagues from the Trump Administration highlights my commitment to our national defense and America First principles. I am honored by the support and trust Kash has in my campaign for the United States Senate,” Gray said.

The endorsement from Patel is the second significant endorsement of Gray’s candidacy on just the first day of his campaign. Patel joins former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell in endorsing Alex Gray.